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Summon Worlds Guidebook

Welcome to Summon Worlds!

Summon Worlds lets you build rich fantasy worlds with characters, items, locations and more, and play campaigns using those worlds. This guide is your resource to learn how to use Summon Worlds, find tips, and learn how to maximize your enjoyment.

What can you do in Summon Worlds?

  • Summoning: You can “summon” creations like characters, locations, items, spells and more, using the power of AI. Describe what you want, and you’ll get a Summon with stats, a backstory, images and everything else you need.
  • Campaigns: You can use Summons you and others have created to play 5E compatible campaigns.
  • AI Chat: You can also engage in chat with character summons, which lets you go on adventures, engage in combat, or simply talk to them.
  • Summon Feed: The feed is a place to share your summons with the community, and see others’ creations You can like, comment, share and search.

How to use this guidebook

Use the sidebar on the left to read about topics. If you’re interested in a specific topic, use the search functionality at the top of the page.